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Climate of Strasbourg

The atmosphere which reigns in Strasbourg is a semi-continental with large amplitude variations in temperature. Thus, the winters are harsh with fairly frequent snowfall. Summers are hot and sweltering. Situated between two mountain ranges (the Vosges and Black Forest) the city is not exposed to the winds. Similarly, rainfall is relatively scarce and irregular compared to other French regions with the natural protection that these are massive. The city is often subject to violent storms at the beginning and the end of the summer.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Agu Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperatures (°C) 1,6 2,8 6,7 9,7 14,3 17,3 19,5 19,3 15,5 10,6 5,3 2,8
Precipitations (mm) 30,0 35,0 36,1 42,5 78,2 76,7 66,2 57,9 62,1 52,5 49,8 44,5


Tourism Office of Strasbourg

17, Place de la Cathédrale - B.P. 70020
Telephone : + (33)
Telecopy : +(33)



By plane:
Strasbourg International Airport (SXB) is located south-west of the city at Entzheim, with domestic as well as international flights. Air France is the principal operator. There are several flights a day to and from Paris. A shuttle bus takes travellers to Baggersee tram and bus station, which is on the A-line tram line to the town center.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) is located about 60km away in Germany. Ryanair operates from Karlsruhe following a court ruling that declared its subsidy arrangements at Strasbourg Airport a contravention of European legislation. The best way to get to Strasbourg is to get a bus from the airport to Baden-Baden Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) from here trains run to Strasbourg, normally with one change. From station to station the journey is about 45m-1hr.


By train: 
Strasbourg is well served by regional, national and international train services, predominantly by SNCF (French Railways), but also by Deutsche Bahn (German Railways).

With the opening of the new TGV Est Européen, journey times from Strasbourg to many destinations, including Paris, will be significantly reduced.

Major destinations include the following major towns and cities with multiple daily departures.

Paris 2hrs 20m
Metz 1hr 15m
Nancy 1hr 15m

A number of overnight trains with sleeper and couchette accommodations also serve:

Marseille 9hrs and Nice 12hrs 15m
Montpellier 10hrs 10m and Portbou 13hrs 10m
Vienna 11hrs

By car:
You can reach Strasbourg by various highways:

  • from the west (Paris, Benelux) taking the A4 highway (E25). About 4 hours from Paris and 2 hours 15 minutes from Luxembourg.
  • from the south (Switzerland, Lyon), taking the A35 highway (E25). About 5 hours from Lyon
  • from the north and east (Germany), taking the A5 highway (E35).

Driving into Strasbourg's old city is relatively easy although there are a few streets off limits to cars. There are many large garages surrounding the old city.


By bus:
Eurolines provides bus services to the city.

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