L'Hôtel des Bords de l'Ill - Erstein

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1, rue du Muhlbach - 67150 Erstein
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Presentation L'Hôtel des Bords de l'Ill - Erstein

If you are looking for a vacation where you can spend your days relaxing and your evenings enjoying delicious cuisine it the company of good friends, the L'Hôtel des Bords de l'Ill in Erstein France is just the place for that. This quality hotel has everything you will need and more for a vacation to remember. This France hotel is tucked away right in between silence and tranquility along the river's edge. The location is sure not only to inspire you, but to help you regain a bit of peace and serenity. The charming accommodation has a wonderful staff, excellent location and absolutely breathtaking surroundings so simply pack a few belongings and a positive attitude and get ready to reconnect with nature.